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Article Date Where? Author Language Picture Article Title
22-Apr-06 Caracas, Venezuela From www.urru.org NA ACUESTATE POR LA VIDA - A commemoration for the 70,000 that have died under Chavez's regime
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28-May-05 Caracas, Venezuela vdebate.org NA   MARCHA: Protesting for militaries and civilians unfairly imprisoned by the Chavez's regime.
28-Apr-06 Venezuela    6m11s-7.0MB English   (1/5)VENEZUELA, A REAL THREAT - Bolivarian Project, a threat to South America and world peace.
28-Apr-06 Venezuela    7m40s-8.6MB English  (2/5)WHAT IS IN STORE FOR US...? - Venezuelan verbal aggression to the US, use of oil money to avoid the application of the democratic chapter, April 11, the Tascón and the Maisanta List
28-Apr-06 Venezuela    3m40s-4.1MB English   (3/5)THE STRATEGY: INTERNATIONAL LOBBY - US Congress, Armament Acquisition, nuclear threat Iran-Venezuela
28-Apr-06 Venezuela    4m59s-5.6MB English   (4/5)THE GREAT HOMELAND - The militia, exporting the revolution, the anti-summit meeting, anti-globalization& Mexico.
28-Apr-06 Venezuela    7m16s-8.1MB English   (5/5)GUERRILLAS, DRUG TRAFFICKING - Exporting the armada revolution to other countries. Bolivarian Circles.
20-Apr-06 Venezuela 29m45s-32.1MB Spanish   VENEZUELA, UNA AMENAZA REAL - Completo
20-Apr-06 Venezuela    6m11s-7.0MB Spanish   (1/5)VENEZUELA, UNA AMENAZA REAL - Proyecto radical bolivariano constituye una amenaza para la paz mundial.
20-Apr-06 Venezuela     7m36s-8.6MB Spanish (2/5)TERRORISMO GEOPOLITICO - El ataque a USA, utilización de $$ para evitar aplicación de la carta democrática, 11Abril, listas de Tascón & Maisanta.
20-Apr-06 Venezuela     3m40s-4.1MB Spanish   (3/5)LA ESTRATEGIA: LOBBY INTERNACIONAL -  Congreso de USA, compra de armas, relación nuclear Iran-Vzla
20-Apr-06 Venezuela     4m55s-5.6MB Spanish   (4/5)LA PATRIA GRANDE - Los militares, exportación de la revolución,la anticumbre, lider antiglobalización & México
20-Apr-06 Venezuela     7m34s-8.4MB Spanish   (5/5)GUERRILLA, EL NARCOTRAFICO - Exportacion de la Revolución Armada a otros países. Círculos Bolivarianos.
1-Mar-06 Chicago, Illinois ABC 7 News English   SMARTMATIC - ABC7 News
31-Mar-26 Venezuela Ciudadania Activa English THE LIST - Summary version of the video, citizens under suspicion” 
31-Mar-26 Venezuela Ciudadania Activa Spanish LA LISTA - Versión corta. Un pueblo bajo sospecha - Tal Cual-  
28-Oct-05 Venezuela Norway's TV English & Norwegian CHAVEZ REVOLUTION - No jobs and Poverty
23-Oct-05 Venezuela Norway's TV English & Norwegian   MEDIOCRE VENEZUELAN HEALTH SYSTEM
03-Mar-04 Caracas, Venezuela 6m11s-7.4MB English   DIARY OF A REPRESSION - 1,400,000 signatures null and void.
03-Mar-04 Caracas, Vzla 4m57s-5.6MB Spanish   DIARIO DE UNA REPRESION - 1.400.000 firmas invalidadas.
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